Asian Geographer

Asian Geographer

Asian Geographer is published by Taylor & Francis Group on behalf of the Hong Kong Geographical Association. It publishes research on geographical and planning topics in Asia and the Pacific Rim, including people-environment interactions, urban and regional developments. It is the official journal of the Hong Kong Geographical Association, and is co-affiliated with Asian Geographical Association and Asian Geography Specialty Group, American Association of Geographers.

Journal homepage: Asian Geographer | Taylor & Francis Online
Print ISSN: 1022-5706
Online ISSN: 2158-1762
2 issues per year

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"Asian Geographer disseminates knowledge about geographical problems and issues with a focus on Asia and the Pacific Rim. Contributions may address any field of physical or human geographical inquiries and methodologies. Works based on other regions are also welcomed if they can demonstrate a linkage to Asia and the Pacific Rim. Priority is given to contributions which move beyond the profiling of specific geographical sites to promote a wider theoretical and conceptual understanding."

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